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Words from the Director

On behalf of the Directorate of the African Institute IBN BATOUTA and all the members of the community, I wish you the warmest welcome in our Institute.

The quality of your educational experience is central to our goals. Our teachers, masters, lecturers, and employees are all dedicated to making your fulfillment their main focus.


We make every effort to ensure that your academic journey is most enriching, all within a framework that respects Islamic principles and values.

Whether, for example, the quality of training, the relationship with your teachers, access to documentary resources, the modernity of sports facilities or the conviviality of living spaces, our objective is to ensure that your years of study at the IBN BATOUTA African Institute contribute to your personal and professional development.


You have chosen a dynamic and innovative Institute, which is characterized by its creativity and pluralism. The African Institute IBN BATOUTA has developed leading expertise in both training and research, helping to shed light on complex issues in many fields. We hope that this space of academic freedom and intellectual rigor will also be yours throughout the next few years.

Happy New Year, and joyful studies.

Dr NAIBI Widade


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Back to School

Registration possible at AGBOKOU headquarters, after Post Office, PORTO-NOVO.

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